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Target Home Inspection Services provides expert home inspections in southeast Michigan 7 days a week. Home inspections for buyers and sellers including radon inspection, carbon monoxide testing, lead paint testing, and mold inspection. (248) 840-2631

About Target Home Inspection:

I started my adult life in the United States Air Force. The Air Force went a long way in perfecting my attention to detail. After the Air Force I started a painting company. Painting is something that I had be involved with since my high school days. As I progressed, I began to get involved in remodeling projects. There is not a remodeling project that I have not been involved in, from remodeling bathrooms to elaborate decks. I understand every aspect of the house, which is a beneficiary in the ability to inspect a house.

In Total I have over 15 years experience in home remodeling and building and have completed over 2500 home inspections as of 2019.

Being someone who has seen bad inspections, I decided to study the concept of inspecting a house. I became a certified home inspector through AHIT. My approach to the inspection is two headed; to give a honest account of the condition of the house and to educate the home buyer.

My job is to protect your greatest investment! 

Matt Dulimba – Owner Target Home Inspection Services

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